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I write: Drama (written a couple for my church youth group and once served as a teenage drama director), Poetry (published two books), Research and articles (journalism!) and short stories (working on a new book on collections of short stories for young people). I also manage 8 blogs on :) which covers different interest- from articles to random quotes.

God is my number one source of inspiration.

Reading is a culture. I blog about some of the books I read. I admire so many writers/authors locally and internationally- like Maya Angelou, John C Maxwell, Myles Munroe, Elechi Amadi (author of The Concubine), Chinua Achebe, Tolu Ogunlesi, Chimamanda Adichie etc.

In 2004, the Young Poet Society published my first book. That really boosted my interest in the writing and publishing industry (Literature)! It took me 7 years to publish my second book. But I am glad it is here! In 2013, I released my third book "Half a Loaf & a Bakery," And by God's grace, there are many more to come.

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In the present age of Information overload where youths can easily get confused about how to chart their future path, Half A Loaf & A Bakery provides tested practical survival ideas and guides for youths to make the best of whatever situation they find themselves.

More than ever before, the global economic depression has brought to the fore the need for youths to have total education beyond academic knowledge, not only to compete for the available limited job opportunities, but to come up with new ideas and concepts.

Divided into five sections, Half A Loaf & A Bakery covers critical issues every youth should have a clear understanding of, which includes challenges of getting started and survival strategies, money matters and overcoming fears that can easily abort dreams if not properly addressed.

The importance of acquiring education in the face of tempting opportunities and the need for adequate preparation for adulthood were also properly articulated based on the experiences of the writer, those interviewed and others cited.

The main key lessons in the book are summarized in the following subtitles:
Before graduation: get started
Money matters
Don’t freak-out of fear
Don’t drop out
Learn the art of transitioning.

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Published in 2011 by Step Out Creatives Birmingham United Kingdom

"In Preserve My Saltiness Jennifer addresses life's everyday experiences to our world's trends and shared challenges of the 21st century. Every poem embodies piercing insight and breathless passion. This is the work of a career poet." Jess Rimington, Spoken Word artist & Executive Director of One World Youth Project, USA

Published by the Young Poet Society UK

A Review of "In Days to Come"

Jennifer is a remarkable young lady. Living in a country that she truly loves, yet recognizing the many problems as well. From her young mind she reaches out through her poetry hoping that her messages will reach out to educate, but even more so, to offer hope.
Jennifer does not write in rhyming verse or strict form, preferring the freedom to express her innermost thoughts without restriction. Yet poetry it undoubtedly is.
Many have struggled to define poetry, in the same way that many struggle to define art. Poetry paints with words and expressions and as such can be both art and craft.
I believe that if Jennifer’s words move you, then she has expressed both her art and her craft.
Finally, we have tried to avoid making changes to her writing, except perhaps for a few proof reading corrections. We hope by this you will capture not only the words, but (also) the essence of Jennifer’s culture that shines through her poetry.
Philip G. Bell
Young Poet Society

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