Monday, June 22, 2009

TIME: June 22 edition review

The June 22nd edition of Time Magazine...Did you read a copy? Well, what attracted me to this edition is actually not the bold picture of Gordon Brown’s back that compliments the headline “Why Britian wants to see The Back of Gordon Brown” but the earpiece headline on the right corner of the front cover- Amazon’s Quest to Shape the Future of Books. As a matter of fact, it is a very critical story that deserves a wide-audience read! Imagine the future with the new big-screen Kindle Dx, an e-book! Well, the sky isn’t falling, yet…

“If you're a reader, you probably consider Amazon your friend. And it is. It recommends books to you and gets them to your door for cheap. But try shifting your point of view to that of a publisher and Amazon starts looking a bit scarier.”

Inside the Arts section, which as a matter of fact have got some tight articles, another one that might interest you is Lev Grossman’s stories on the two survivors’ of plane crash stories.

Also, Belinda Luscumbe enchants us with her article on social norms, which reveals the two side of a coin called social networking sites! Ouch! Watch out facebookers! However, if you are keener about learning some life skills, like how to save more dough, then read Linda Bastianich’s life coach.

For the politically inclined fans of Time Magazine, the June 22nd edition will sure give you’re a deep angle into the Labour pains…as it was termed! Obama was not left out of the news Peter Beinart and Joe Klein’s commentary and in the arena articles spoke volumes on the Middle East Peace quest!

Flipping through the pages of the TIME, from Josh Tryangiel’s hilarious Postcard: The Bronx through the verbatim, spotlight, global news etc. etc. I gained a better understanding of the global issues currently blowing hot and cold!

One more reason to read TIME magazine!

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