Friday, December 9, 2011

“Preserve My Saltiness,” I savoured every piece... - Chioma Chukwuneta (@Cheeomarh)

A review:
From the catchy red face to the picture of a young lady who appeared engrossed in her thoughts (though having savoured the book I realized that lady was actually listening to everything happening around her from the wisdom of the old/aged to the words of her Creator, whom she describes as the “Lover of her soul," and the cries of her society), I was convinced that I was holding a book with a beautiful content. If “judging a book” and “judging its cover” were synonymous, books like “Preserve My Saltines” would break the gravel.
 For the first time I come across poems that tell my story to the world, my love story, my daily struggle between desires and the expectation of the God I serve, my environment, my dreams and prayers.
Each time I pick up “Preserve my saltiness,” I savour every piece with reflection. It's a collection of poems full of wit and wisdom written with so much simplicity and creativity.
Jennifer certainly has grey hair, these words of wisdom certainly didn't come from a woman with hairs as dark as mine.
Thank you Jennifer for sharing your thoughts, thank you for standing for young women and for Christianity and thank you for believing in our generation.
By Chioma Chukwuneta,
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  Thanks for the review Chioma! May God be praised! His grace is ever sufficient!

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