Saturday, April 28, 2012


If i were to judge "Shadow fall" by it's cover i would call it a blast from the past, the beautiful black and white picture of four free horses whom I assume had just escaped from the stable. The prints are reader friendly accompanied by sketches to relate the message of each poem.

Hajo's poems are divided into four parts: Heart in bloom, Curator of thoughts, Spectrum of passion and Reverie of flight and are best described as Undiluted,deep and raw . Each word was carefully chosen to reflect her thoughts and then presented honestly without fear or farvour they came out with a unique and original voice filled with passion, I wish her poems were more entertaining and spontaneous especially since poetry is something that is still in the process of capturing the hearts many in an environment like ours but aside that Shadow Fall captured my heart. My farvourite poems are June, Untitled and Father's house.

I could have argued with anyone who told me Hajo is a Lawyer not until I read her short bio also reading shadow fall has revealed alot about her too. I had seen her from afar as a bubbly, jovial and flexible lady but shadow fall has exposed the firm, meticulous and evolving personality in her, indeed Hajo Isa is a thought leader.

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